Love yourself

How to love you? many people think love yourself is to go treat yourself nice, go shopping, buy yourself nice clothes, go eat nice food, or go to nice place for vacation.  But love yourself is much more than material perspective .

  1. To love yourself, you will have to completely accept yourself who you really are.
  2. Don’t let other people influence you, be yourself, don’t care  about what people think of you, but you live based on your own feelings and emotion
  3. Eat healthy
  4. Take care of your body, do exercise
  5. Enjoy the time alone, to listen to your inner voice,



How to get over the person who left you?

If that person does not love you and leaves you, remember this is the good thing in your life.  Because you don’t want someone who does not love you to be in your life and stay with you.   He does not care about you anymore, it is best to move on your life.  You will find love from someone else.   The true love is actually inside you.  You don’t need anyone to love, you have all the love inside you.  You are the love in your life.   Love yourself someone will love you too.

If that person treat you bad with no love, no caring, no respect.  He does not deserve you.  You will be better without him.   You deserve much better than that